Time Management Tips – Part 1

What Time is It?

One of the greatest challenges in the workplace today is the obvious lack of time. The days seem to come and go and that never-ending TO DO list just keeps getting longer and longer. It’s easy to determine that much of our day-to-day stress can be attributed to our inability to juggle all of what needs to get done NOW! We know because we’ve been successfully helping people learn to manage their time for a while.

To help you start your New Year out right we’ve compiled a list of useful tips on Time Management that we’d like to share with you in the next few blogs.

  • Identify exactly what you need to accomplish, and when.  Many people have a general idea of what they’d like to achieve but never take the time to analyze the steps that need to be taken to complete the tasks at hand.  Review and reorganize.  Simply analyzing your work and setting broad goals can, in itself, boost your efficiency.
  • Make a list of all the tasks you perform and how often they need to be done.  Take notes as you work and compiling the list over a period of a few weeks will help ensure that your list is comprehensive.  Keep a diary of tasks performed and associated time values.  
  • Now you’re ready to categorize tasks according to priority and urgency (this morning, today, this month, this year).  This is the time to identify and weed out tasks that are no longer necessary or can be delegated to someone else.

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About Lee Knapp

Business Consultant & Motivational Speaker Lee Knapp's goal: "We help our clients gain, train and retain satisfied customers and employees." As the President of Knapp Consultants, for over 20 years, Lee has been inspiring people to raise the bar and exceed their greatest expectations. Our mission is to "Provide high-energy, educational and motivational programs to assist clients in achieving results".
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