5 Tips to Expressing Gratitude

Are You Showing Your Gratitude Freely and on a Daily Basis?

I’d like to start this blog out by saying “THANK YOU” for sharing a few minutes from your  busy day to spend it with me – I appreciate YOU! I really hope you are enjoying this past month of Gratitude with me. First we discussed having an Attitude of Gratitude then  we talked about The Power of Gratitude and then I shared 5 steps to Living in
Wow with all these blog posts on Gratitude are you finally getting the  picture? Are we on the same page now? I sure hope so!

Being grateful and showing our appreciation on a regular basis to those around us is very important. It’s not enough to just be grateful and feel grateful in our minds – we need to SHOW IT and EXPRESS it to others in order to feel the full effects of its blessings!

Expressing your Gratitude is so important it could mean the difference between success and failure in our everyday life and in our business life. Gratitude is something very powerful and it can really transform our life because once we start giving it out we’re going to get it back and most likely when we need it most. Feeling grateful for others and receiving gratitude from those around us can really lift our spirits, inspire us and keep us far away from depression or negativity. Showing our Gratitude to others is going to affect the way people react to us, treat us and it will change the way they view us entirely!

On that note here are 5 Tips to Expressing Your Gratitude in your daily life:

1.) Use your words! It’s really as easy as saying “Thank You” every time someone does something nice for you – even if it’s your children, your spouse or the grocery boy at your local supermarket or the person holding the elevator open for you. Say it with a heartfelt smile and it will mean even more!

2.) Text a Thank You! In today’s technology savvy world texting is a quick and easy way to show your appreciation to your best friend, your sister or your neighbor who did something nice for you and you haven’t personally seen them to express your gratitude in person. Maybe it’s time you just said THANK YOU for being in my life – what a simple yet powerful way to make someone’s day!

3.) Pick up the Phone! Sometimes we just need to take a quick time out from our busy day to pick up the phone and dial that special someone on your life that means something to you because every now and then they need to know it. This will open up the doors of communication and you never know what surprises you can find when you just reach out and touch someone in a gratitude phone call!

4.)  Say it with a Card! It’s one of the oldest ways to show someone you care but hey it really works! Think of the last time you got a brightly colored card in the mail addressed to you with a heartfelt sentiment and someone’s handwriting in it showing you how special you are… special enough to stop at the store and buy a card just for YOU! That’s the amazing feeling you will share when you give a gratitude card to those special people in your life!

5.) Say it on Facebook! Now a day’s everyone is connected on facebook, twitter or some social media site so it’s an easy way to express your gratitude in a big way – right on their wall for everyone to see! Now I don’t know about you but I get a warm and fuzzy feeling every time I get an email notification letting me know that someone took the time to visit my wall and write something special to me. We all love to be validated, to feel appreciated
and it’s even more special when all of our many friends get to see and share the moment with us online!

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1 Response to 5 Tips to Expressing Gratitude

  1. Nancy Coker says:

    Thank YOU for reminding me to be grateful for the many blessings I have in my life! Like YOU!

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