Have you checked your Attitude Lately?

A Positive Attitude is a MUST HAVE in Customer Service

As we transition into the busiest season of the year for Southwest Florida, I’d like to focus a little more on Customer Service. My goal is to help you make sure all of your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed so that your Customer Service Team is working at a TOP NOTCH level and we’re leaving nothing to chance. In all of my years of experience I have come to really understand what it takes to win over and keep your customers not only coming back but working for YOU. This series of blogs on Customer Service is all about what I’ve learned and what I believe will help you take your business to the next level!


Today’s consumer is more demanding than ever before. We are used to buying more, having more and getting more… when and where we want it! In this new competitive market it’s not enough to have the best price in town or even the best product in town – what people are looking for is the best SERVICE in town! Now the easiest way to check on your Customer Service is to check on the attitudes of your employees. How are they greeting your clients? How are they servicing your clients and how are they handling any and all communication with your clients? Are they doing it with a smile and a positive attitude? Here are a few things to consider when checking the Attitude of your sales and customer service team: 


  • An attitude is a state of mind influenced by feelings, thoughts, and action tendencies. 
  • The attitude you send out is usually the attitude you get back. 
  • Your attitude shows in everything you do. 
  • Body language accounts for more than half the message you communicate. 
  • The tone of your voice is more important than the words you use.
  •  Send a positive attitude over the phone. 
  • Convey a positive attitude by staying energized and enthusiastic.

Knapp Consultants has been offering Customer Service Training for over 23 years! Please contact Lee Knapp to find out how she can help you and your empolyees increase your sales and improve your customer satisfaction. (239) 481-8557 or visit www.LeeKnapp.com for more details!

About Lee Knapp

Business Consultant & Motivational Speaker Lee Knapp's goal: "We help our clients gain, train and retain satisfied customers and employees." As the President of Knapp Consultants, for over 20 years, Lee has been inspiring people to raise the bar and exceed their greatest expectations. Our mission is to "Provide high-energy, educational and motivational programs to assist clients in achieving results".
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