Monkey See – Monkey Do!

Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow.  ~Vince Lombardi

So we’ve been on a roll lately blogging about Customer Service and today is no different! We’ve been sharing with you these tips, ideas, advice and knowledge about how you can take your business to the next level with GREAT customer service. It’s funny to think that some people don’t realize that customer service starts with the management team. The employees, like children in your home, will learn what you teach them and the quickest way they learn is by your example.

A leader can shape his followers best by showing them the way forward rather than telling them about it.  If you want to show your team how important serving your clients is make sure that they can see you taking it seriously and going the extra mile. If they can see that you are committed they are more likely to follow your example. Employees are people first and they need to be treated well as feeling like they are valued and appreciated. When your customer service team has high spirits, they feel good, they enjoy their job and appreciate their leader they are more likely to go the extra mile to please the customer and improve your bottom line!

To paraphrase Gandhi if you want to make a change be the best example of that change and others will follow. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind when dealing with your employees. (this also works great with children!)


If employees are constantly criticized, they learn to condemn.

If employees are treated with hostility, they learn to be hostile.

If employees are ridiculed, they learn to keep their ideas to themselves.

If employees are made to feel guilty for their mistakes, they learn to hide them.


If employees are treated with tolerance, they learn to be tolerant of others.

If employees are encouraged, they learn to be confident.

If employees are praised, they learn to try harder.

If employees are treated with fairness, they learn to be forthcoming.

If employees are given security, they learn to trust.

If employees are given approval, they learn to value accomplishment.

If employees are treated with acceptance and friendship, they learn to be loyal.

This was taken directly from Lee’s handout sheets for her Customer Service Training course. Please feel free to call (239) 481-8557 or visit for more details.

Example is not the main thing in influencing others.  It is the only thing.  ~Albert Schweitzer

About Lee Knapp

Business Consultant & Motivational Speaker Lee Knapp's goal: "We help our clients gain, train and retain satisfied customers and employees." As the President of Knapp Consultants, for over 20 years, Lee has been inspiring people to raise the bar and exceed their greatest expectations. Our mission is to "Provide high-energy, educational and motivational programs to assist clients in achieving results".
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