Testimonials for Lee Knapp

“Writing a recommendation for Lee Knapp is the hardest thing for me to do, simply because written words can’t show my enthusiasm and excitement that I normally express when telling people about Lee.

So…I will give it a shot – Lee is the best thing that ever happened to me and my business! I have a small maintenance company in Southwest Florida that I started in 1993, like many business owners I was set in my ways, and thought I was doing everything RIGHT! That’s when Lee showed me and my managers some areas that could use improvement.

I can honestly say that Lee has made a “HUGE” difference in my business all for the better, we close more jobs because of her! We give better customer service! Or as Lee will train you “Wow The Customer” I would highly recommend Lee and Knapp Consultants – if you would like to ask me directly about my experience please e-mail me at jason@qspros.com Jason Evers

“Lee Knapp is the consummate professional with awesome networking and speaking skills. A few years ago, she volunteered to be a guest speaker at our Passion to Profit Event. She blew the audience away with her wit and knowledge regarding sales and networking. I’ve heard Lee speak at different events on numerous occasions and she is always gracious and conscientious of her audience. I would highly recommend Lee for any program that you might have !!!!” Suzanne SpechtAssistant Director, SBDC

“Are you a business owner that wants more business? Does your phone ring but you don’t get the contracts, your competition does? Are you frustrated and don’t really know what to do next? That is where Lee Knapp from Knapp consultants comes in. Lee can help you learn how to sell your company and close more deals. If you need someone to help you evaluate your business so you and your business can be more successful, contact Lee Knapp and sign up for one of her boot camps. I was lucky enough to take her very first boot camp, it changed my life and the way I do business. I am a better business man and a better person because of what Lee has taught me. Now that you have read my recommendation, I would like to recommend to you that you call Lee Knapp and sign up for her next boot camp. How does this sound to you!” Ron Rooker

“Wow! It’s a total honor for me to say how inspirational Lee has been to me since I met her only a few short years ago! I consider Lee to be a good friend and she is one of the most passionate, experienced, energized AND focused people I know!

Not only has her advice and wisdom helped me bring a greater level of success to both my personal and business lives, but I’ve seen the extremely positive impact she’s had on so many others, too. I wholeheartedly recommend Lee to everyone, she’ll definitely bring you smiles and happiness while she works with you to define and exceed your goals! ;)”  Charly Caldwell IIFounder & CEO, Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC

“This lady is simply amazing. She makes you just wake up, shift, smile, laugh, believe. As you listen to her you get a boost and a real motivation to keep going, to love yourself, to cancel everything that is negative and that is holding you to succeed. She is so consistent. Her only presence communicates so much!! Lee is not only a tremendous inspiration, but a very professional experienced lady who combines motivation, faith and reality.” Lina Sierra

“When you are looking for someone who is dynamic, motivational and with a positive mental attitude you need go no further than to Lee Knapp. Having met her in late 1979, I was immediately struck by her organizational abilities and optimistic nature. She and I worked together for several years, and for sometime now she has been principal for Knapp Consultants, Inc. It gives me great pleasure to recommend Lee.” Karen BlindermanManager, Forecasting (Product Marketing), Stanley Home Products

“Lee is an incredibly fun, positive and upbeat motivator. She balances her quick wit with savvy intelligence and consistently delivers. I recommend her highly to any individual or business who wants to take their business to the next level.” Susan CullenPresident, Quantum Learning Solutions

“I know Lee from a number of motivational meetings she has facilitated, with great success and enthusiasm. I recommend her with equal enthusiasm.” Bill Waites

“I was honored to be able to hear Lee Knapp present to our group at International Speakers Network! Her information was timeless and valuable. She presented her material in such a way you WON’T forget it. I have had very positive feedback from the employees and some are shouting “Tah-Dah” quite a bit since her presentation. I have heard and worked with many speakers through the years and Lee is one of the best! I would recommend her to any group at any time.”  Dona Merritt, GSI, ASC (dona@insightpublishing.com)

“Lee Knapp’s one on one coaching has been a huge asset for my business. I continue to benefit and learn each time we meet. Lee has become not only a colleague but a friend. Every business or individual could be positively impacted by meeting Lee Knapp.”  Brian Shelton

“Lee is an amazing motivator as well as guru on sales training. Completely professional, Lee delivers effective programs that have helped corporations across the country. She is an asset to anyone who works with her.”  Barbara ParsonsOwner, Enrichment Technologies, Inc.

“I had the privilege to work very closely with Lee assisting her in Program Administration and Marketing. She is a highly motivated, results driven, inspirational, and contagiously optimistic individual who trains, develops & inspires successful sales & support teams through her training & motivational speeches. She was great to work with and has been a source of inspiration to me for many years” Shelley Naser

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Lee through her process. Her passion, energy and knowledge have made a lasting impression on my career and life. The impact of our meetings is still felt and will never be forgotten. I recommend Lee and her process to anyone looking to better themselves, it is time well spent.” David Ciccarelli (LION – Open Networker)

“Without your expertise, wisdom, and a dash of wit, I would not have been able to make the changes in myself nor my business that were needed.  Only being in business a short period of time, I was at a stand still and loss of which direction to take.  You and boot camp gave me that direction.  Boot camp was the best thing I could have done!  Thank you for everything and I salute you Colonel Knapp!!  Barbara – Barbara Bell Design Group

Lee offers the perfect combination of strong emotional support with excellent teaching skills that can be implemented immediately.  She is always available to help and encourage you to achieve your highest goals. Lucy –Promotional Incentives, Inc

Positive… upbeat… enthusiastic… motivating… pleasant to have around… dynamic lady! Reviews from my group were excellent. I even received letters from clients who had attended Lee’s class thanking us for the opportunity. Sherry – Southern Bell

Lee’s boot camp was more insightful than I could have ever imagined.   Not only will it help in my professional life but in my personal life, as well.   Her extensive knowledge and warm kind personality make it an experience that I will carry with me and continue to learn from. Toni – Crystal Clean

Lee Knapp came to Naples FL in September and although she wasn’t a named hurricane “ Lee,” she certainly could have been.  What energy!  She taught us “with love” and a few truisms and how easily we can fail in the communication department with our clients.

Her information was timeless and valuable.  She presented her material in such a fun, dynamic way you WON’T forget it.  Lynn – Realtor ABR GRI

“Lee Knapp was the star of the show at FPRA’s PR University.  Her message on management and presentation skills really hit the mark, and her interactive style energized the audience.  It was a fun and engaging presentation.  Our members are already asking for an encore with Lee.” Olivia – FPRA

All week I have been running on “High Speed,” since I attended your speech.  I can’t thank you enough, as always it was very refreshing and motivating and I feel that I have taken away so much.  The room was totally filled with such powerful energy.” M.K. – First American Bank

“Lee Knapp’s programs are the best! We have utilized her talents and skills with management training many times. Lee’s professionalism is a perfect fit for the high standards of our company.” Karen – South Beach, Miami

Contact Lee Today or Call 239-481-8557!

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